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Designer, Rachel Elizabeth, has found her inspiration and asthetics through her extensive world travels and her strong influence in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years.


Rachel Elizabeth established Doux Belle in 2012. She opened her own French Quarters brick-and-mortar boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona which included her clothing line, restored home decor and a her own product beauty line, Le Doux.


Rachel's design is effortlessly romantic and extravagant at times yet elegantly simple. Her design concept is Parisian Chic Elegance, with vintage inspired fitted silhouettes that embodies a woman's femininity. Every dress is unique in that it is designed with a hand-selected textile and a fine quality fabric. Each piece will hang as a timeless classic piece. A dress that you will have for a lifetime.


DB is perfect for your red carpet moments and as well for that ever-so-chic jet setter. The Doux Belle woman has a sophicated chic style for her everyday fashion, dressing of course, as if it is her last. The line is suited for women of all ages.














rachel elizabeth 


Doux Belle's designer, Rachel Elizabeth has found her inspirations through her diverse life's experiences. Her simple desire to see life as beautiful is very thing that drives her. Rachel grew up in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles when she was 17. She has had extensive training in the film/television industry, attended American Academy of Arts in NYC. While waiting for her next gig, she found herself working for well-sought after interior designers in Los Angeles and discovered her natural gift for design. 

DB's Jet Set Collection, a classic Parisian Chic ensemble collection. Vintage inspired and timeless pieces. A piece that hangs as a classics. As one review from PHX Fashion Week, "Finally someone took the lead on a romantic line. Doux Belle grasped a contemporary spin due to her smart use of fabrics and accents". Jet Set in intact, a timeless collectable collection.


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